A man was shot and killed by D.C. Police and an EMT Worker suffered a minor injury during an early morning incident in D.C. on Wednesday. At 6:43 am a 911 call went out for a man in crisis in the 2500 block of Benning Rd N.E

The initial responding officers were trained crisis intervention officers which has been a main focus area by Mpd to have officers who are trained in dealing with mental health crisis.

Once officers arrived on the scene they engaged in an hour-long crisis intervention with the man who agreed to go to the hospital for treatment. The man was then placed in the back of Medic 27 to be transported to an area hospital. DC Police followed behind the EMT. (protocol)

During the transport, D.C. Police Chief Smith says that the man “became agitated and assaulted a firefighter and paramedic inside the ambulance as they came through the tunnel on North Capitol Street N.W

While Police were following. The man jumped from the ambulance and crawled under.
He came from the other side allegedly holding an object in his hand. The officers gave him several commands to drop what he was holding.
He didn’t and ran toward the officers. One pepper sprayed him, which didn’t work. Another opened fire, killing him.

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